About IPC


Is a social science research organization of the School of Social Sciences of the Loyola Schools, Ateneo de Manila University. Founded in 1960, the IPC seeks a better understanding of culture and society in the Philippines and other Asian countries, an improved quality of life for disadvantaged groups, and a more peaceful, just, and equitable national and global society.

To realize its vision, the IPC has set the following goals:

1. Make significant contributions through scholarly and action research to knowledge generation and theory building on Philippine society and culture, locating these within comparable expressions in the Asian region;

2. Enhance the capabilities of development agencies in civil society, government, and business through knowledge-based training programs;

3. Develop partnerships with nongovernment organizations, people’s organizations, and communities engaged in participatory research, action, and advocacy; and

4. Play a significant part in the attainment of the mission and goals of the Ateneo de Manila University