Philippine Society and the Individual: Selected Essays of Frank Lynch


From the introduction by Mary Racelis:

With the aim of exposing a new generation of Filipinos to the foundations of Philippine social science research, exemplified by Frank Lynch’s seminal readings, the IPC is publishing this 2004 Philippine edition of the book, with a new introduction and an appended Lynch bibliography.

Lynch’s articles are classified under six themes representing the major areas of his interest and expertise: (1) values, class stratification, and elites; (2) techniques and methodology in research; (3) religion: belief systems and practice; (4) the minorities; (5) agrarian isssues and problems; and (6) west meets east. The bibliography that appears as an appendix illustrates the impressive number and range of articles he produced beyond the seventeen featured here.

It is safe to say that the values which he championed–excellence in scholarship, integrity in the research process, listening to people’s own understandings of their lives, investigations that brought benefits to those researched, nurturing younger colleagues and students moving into professional careers, concern ofr others, equity, and social justice–continue to inspire the many researchers who have followed him through IPC portals over the past forty-four years.

Long before the Society of Jesus formally articulated the goal of being “men [and women] for others,” Frank Lynch lived it.


Frank Lynch, SJ, Aram A. Yengoyan, Perla Q. Makil, Mary R. Hollnsteiner

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