IPC ZOOMustahan “Navigating Precarity: A Conversation on Ways Research Institutions Innovate in Times of Uncertainty”


September 21, 2020


Navigating Precarity: A Conversation on Ways Research Institutions Innovate in Times of Uncertainty

Societies have evolved into complex entities as pursuits of progress continue to preoccupy governments and other institutions tasked to lead. Progress, typically understood in economic and technological terms, remains a global aspiration and undertaking. However, conditions of uncertainty and insecurity engendered by unabated inequalities have likewise become ubiquitous. Groups long bereft of resources, recognition, and power continue to suffer while families and individuals forced to live in precarious situations due to sudden economic downturns and unending political unrest have become more conspicuous. The ongoing global health crisis has further heightened fears as divisions deepen and distinctions become more pronounced. In light of these realities, the need to decipher the language of and examine intersecting factors that reinforce everyday precarities warrants critical attention and systematic study.

The role of research institutions in knowledge production and dissemination and in forging collaborative engagements has become more crucial in navigating uncertainties. More importantly, the impact of their work on efforts to craft coherent, responsive, and inclusive policies and programs merits discussion. In this conversation, we seek to further understand and learn from the engagements and experiences of local and regional research institutions as they chart unexplored research terrains and innovate in response to new challenges and circumstances. The insights and learnings from researchers representing these institutions can demonstrate how culturally nuanced approaches to address everyday precarities can be developed and effectively carried out.