Title Year of Publication Author(s) Price (PHP)
A Decade of Process Documentation Research: Reflections and Synthesis 1989 Cynthia C. Veneracion 100.00
Culture of Improvisation 2004 Lou Antolihao 300.00
Counting Gender In: A Handbook for Monitoring WID/Gender Equity Performance of Development Projects 1997 Jeanne Frances I. Illo, Czarina A. Saloma 250.00
Communal Gravity Systems: Organization Profile 1980 Romana P. de los Reyes 150.00
Claims to Land: Lessons from Haciendas in Negros Occidental 1989 Romana P. de los Reyes 100.00
CIDA Gender Equality Monitor 2003 Jeanne Frances I. Illo 100.00
Capability Building for Urban Slum Upgrading: Views from Five Communities in Quezon City 2008 Cynthia C. Veneracion 300.00
Agricultural Trade Liberalization in The Philippines: Policy History and Competing Perspectives 2005 Leland R. de la Cruz, Marissa Paderon 300.00
Pambubugbog at Bugbugan sa Gitna ng Kahirapan: A Discursive and Structural Analysis of Domestic Violence 2015 Mira Alexis P. Ofroneo, Nico A. Canoy, Judith M. de Guzman 200.00
The RH Wars: Framing the Population and Reproductive Health Debate 2014 Antonio G.M. La Viña, Clarissa C. David, Jenna Mae L. Atun 250.00
Tabloid Coverage of a National Election: New Frames and Frame Building 2014 Chay F. Hofileña, Jozon A. Lorenzana, Estelle Marie M. Ladrido 150.00
Political Psychology of Land Conflict and Peacebuilding in Central Mindanao: A Social Representations Approach 2013 Cristina Jayme Montiel, Judith M. De Guzman, Marshaley J. Baquiano, Audris P. Umel 200.00
The Anthropology of New Media in the Philippines 2010 Raul Pertierra
1-800 Philippines: Understanding and Managing Filipino Call Center Workers 2010 Ma. Regina Hechanova 280.00
EDSA I in the Public Minds of the Filipino Civilian and Military Groups 2010 Cristina Jayme Montiel 150.00
Overseas Filipino Workers Turned Entrepreneurs: Breaking Stereotypes, Redefining Paradigms 2009 Joseph Sedfrey Santiago, M. R. Sacramento, Jose Atanacio L. Estuar 350.00
Myth of Recovery: The Asian Crisis More Than a Decade Later 2009 Edsel L. Beja 225.00
The Vote of the Poor: Modernity and Tradition in People's Views of Leadership and Elections 2005 250.00
Control and Conflict in the Upland: Ethnic Communities, Resources and the State of Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam 2005 Filomeno V. Aguilar, Jr. 300.00
Fighting Urban Poverty in Asian Countries through Effective Partnerships 2002 Mary Racelis 25.00
The Philippine Poor II: The Philippine Poverty (Annotated Bibliography) 1970-1983 1985 Ricardo G. Abad, Elizabeth U. Eviota 100.00
The Philippine Poor I: Two Monographs 1982 William Joseph Keyes, Simeon G. Silverio 100.00
Rural Organization in the Philippines 1980 Blondie Rafanan Po, Cristina J. Montiel 100.00
The Filipino Family, Community, and Nation 1981 Mary R. Hollnsteiner, Emma E. Porio, Frank Lynch, SJ 100.00
Modernization: Its Impact in the Philippines V 1971 Frank Lynch, SJ, Alfonso F. de Guzman II 100.00


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