Title Year of Publication Author(s) Price (PHP)
Responding to LGC Demands and Challenges: Experiences of Two Iloilo Towns 1995 Romana P. de los Reyes, Sylvia G. Jopillo 200.00
Pursuing Agrarian Reform in Negros Occidental 1991 Romana P. de los Reyes, Sylvia G. Jopillo 150.00
Project UPSURGE: Partnerships for Scaling Up Slum Improvement in Philippine Cities Cynthia C. Veneracion 200.00
PCHD Community Project Implementation, 1991-93: Experiences from Camarines Sur 1993 Cynthia C. Veneracion 200.00
Partnerships for Slum Improvement: The ADB-JFDP and DSWD Projects in Muntinlupa City and Payatas, Quezon City 2004 Cynthia C. Veneracion 300.00
Partnership in Irrigation: Farmers and Government in Agency-managed Systems 1988 Cynthia C. Veneracion 150.00
Partnership Building and Planning for Community Health Development 1993 Cynthia C. Veneracion 150.00
Organizing Farmers for Communal Irrigation: Preconstruction and Construction in the Aslong Irrigation Project 1984 Jeanne Frances I. Illo, Romana P. de los Reyes, Nestor Felix 150.00
Notions of Justice: A Study of an Ilocos and a Bulacan Barangay 1989 Fernando N. Zialcita 100.00
Members but Not Leaders: Finding a Niche for Women in Cooperatives 1992 Jeanne Frances I. Illo, Cecille C. Uy 300.00
Making Philippine Cities Child-friendly 2005 Mary Racelis, Angela Desiree Aguirre 450.00
Kagawasan: A True Story 1981 R. Fernandez 50.00
Initiatives and Strategies for Community Health Development 1993 Cynthia C. Veneracion 100.00
Improving Communities in the City of San Fernando Cynthia C. Veneracion 200.00
Impact of Irrigation Development on Women and Their Households: The Case of the Aslong Project 1987 Jeanne Frances I. Illo 100.00
Gender in Projects and Organizations: A Casebook 1996 Jeanne Frances I. Illo 250.00
Gender Issues in Rural Development: A Workshop Report 1988 Jeanne Frances I. Illo 100.00
Gender Analysis and Planning: The 1990 IPC-CIDA Workshops 1991 Jeanne Frances I. Illo 150.00
For Children Who Toil: A Report on Sustainable Action Against Child Labor in the Philippines 1998 Jeanne Frances I. Illo, Sylvia B. Engracia 250.00
Focusing on a Values- and Behavior-based Approach to Counter Corruption: An Assessment of an Integrity Circles Project 2001 Wilfredo F. Arce 120.00
Fishers, Traders, Farmers, Wives 1990 Jeanne Frances I. Illo, Jaime Biron Polo 150.00
Field-level Management of Malaria And Schistosomiasis: Experiences from Two Philippine Barangays 1994 Cynthia C. Veneracion 150.00
An Evaluation of the Philippine Participatory Communal Irrigation Program 1986 Romana P. de los Reyes, Sylvia G. Jopillo 100.00
Developing Farming Systems in the Rainfed Areas: The Bicol Experiment 1987 Cynthia C. Veneracion 150.00
Developing a Social Forestry Program: The Bulolakaw Experience 1994 Sylvia G. Jopillo 200.00


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