Title Year of Publication Author(s) Price (PHP)
Metamorphosis: from Tondo Squatter to Settler 1975 Mary R. Hollnsteiner 30.00
People Power: Community Participation in the Planning and Implementation of Human Settlements 1976 Mary R. Hollnsteiner 30.00
Housing Unconventional Approaches to a National Problem 1975 William Joseph Keyes 30.00
Dinawat Ogil: High Datu of Namnam 1973 F. F. Claver 30.00
The Impact of Modernization on Filipino Adolescents 1971 Patricia Licuanan 30.00
Social Acceptance Reconsidered 1973 Frank Lynch, SJ 30.00
View from the Paddy: Empirical Studies of Philippine Rice Farming and Tenancy 1972 Frank Lynch, SJ 200.00
Tenants, Lessees, Owners: Welfare Implications of Tenure Change 1976 Mahar Mangahas 200.00
Sociotechnical Profile: A Tool for Rapid Rural Appraisal 1984 Romana P. de los Reyes 50.00
Second View from the Paddy: Empirical Studies of Philippine Rice Farming and Tenancy 1984 A. Ledesma 200.00
Reforming Technical Cooperation: The Philippine Experience 2002 Jeanne Frances I. Illo, Sylvia B. Engracia, Leland Joseph R. de la Cruz, Maria Concepcion L. Chan, Mary Racelis 350.00
Workshops as Fora for Gender Advocacy: the 1991-92 IPC-CIDA Workshops 1994 Jeanne Frances I. Illo 150.00
Working with People in the Uplands: The Bulolakaw Social Forestry Experience 1987 Salve B. Borlagdan 150.00
Women and Men in Rainfed Farming Systems: Case Studies of Households in the Bicol Region 1988 Jeanne Frances I. Illo, Cynthia C. Veneracion 150.00
Women and Men in Development 1980 Virginia A. Miralao 100.00
Watersheds and Groundwater Depletion in the Philippines: the Cagayan de Oro Experience 2003 Germelino M. Bautista, R. P. Tan 350.00
Waging Agrarian Reform: NGO Initiative for a Tripartite Program in the Province of Antique 1994 Romana P. de los Reyes, Sylvia G. Jopillo 150.00
Third-party Mediation: Applications in Public Policy Disputes 1989 Sylvia G. Jopillo 100.00
Supporting Agrarian Reform: Farmer Communities and Government Actions 1997 Romana P. de los Reyes, Sylvia G. Jopillo
Supporting Community Gains in Sitio Dormitory 2006 Cynthia C. Veneracion 200.00
Southeast Asia Today: Development Paradigms, Reflexive Engagements 2008 Angela Desiree Aguirre, Emanuel de Guzman, Jon Michael Villaseñor 300.00
The Social Impacts of Tropical Storm Ondoy and Typhoon Pepeng: The Recovery of Communities in Metro Manila and Luzon 2012 300.00
Science, Technology, and Everyday Culture in the Philippines 2003 Raul Pertierra 350.00
Scaling Up Urban Renewal 2006 Cynthia C. Veneracion, L. Tumbaga, M. Sabado 200.00
Routing Sustainable Agriculture, Volume I 1980 Maria Francesca P. Viado 200.00


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