Merit Research Awards

With funds from a Ford Foundation grant, the IPC Merit Research Awards (MRA) Program seeks to advance theoretically grounded social science research and provide conceptual insights on Philippine cultures and societies. Awarded on a competitive basis, MRA grants support the research of faculty and researchers of the Ateneo de Manila University. A Call for MRA Proposals is issued in the first semester of the school year whereby proponents are asked to submit a written research proposal with clearly stated research objectives, the proposed study's theoretical significance, and the research methods required. Research proposals are assessed based on a set of criteria, including: clarity and focus; theoretical substance and scholarly significance; and methodological rigor and feasibility.

The research priority areas indicated in the annual Call for MRA Proposals are: religious change and transformation; women and gender; the social dynamics of agriculture and labor; asset building and social capital formation in community-based health, education, shelter and natural resource management; urban renewal and rural development'; political accountability; poverty reduction and the resilience and agency of marginalized groups; new media and social transformation; culture, memory, and nationhood; environment, society, and sustainable development; family, youth, and education; global flows and Asian integration; peace, justice, and democratic governance; science, technology, and social innovation.

For the grantees, the MRA scheme is expected to generate a substantial written output worthy of publication as a book, a collection of essays, a research monograph, and/or journal articles. In addition, under the IPC MRA Lecture Series, grantees are expected to deliver a public lecture to share the highlights of their study's findings.

All academic and research staff members of the Ateneo de Manila University (including the various Loyola and Professional Schools) are eligible to apply to the MRA Program. The principal investigator/lead proponent of the proposed research should be a full-time faculty or researcher of the Ateneo de Manila University; and the proposed research project, completed within 12 months (or within one school year).

To know more about the MRA Application Procedure, please click here.

Project No. Name of Awardee Title of Project Year Awarded
MRA25 Marita Concepcion Castro Guevara Moving in and Out of Poverty: Understanding & Social Mobility from the Perspectives of the Still-Poor, Now-Poor, Once-Poor, and Never-Poor of BASECO, Manila, and Payatas, Quezon City 2008
MRA24 Ma. Regina M. Hechanova-Alampay Transforming Philippine Organizations: Attitudes, Cognitions, and Strategies 2008
MRA23 Daniel J. McNamara, SJ, May Celine T.M. Vicente Global, Continental, Philippine and Metropolitan-Manila Poverty: Comparative Spatio-Temporal Analyses through Remote Sesning-Geographic Information System (RS-GIS) 2008
MRA22 Antonio GM La Viña Political Framing of Population and Family Planning 2007
MRA21 Cristina Jayme Montiel Social Representations of Nonviolent Democratic Transition: People Power I in the Public Minds of Filipino Civilians and Militaries 2007
MRA20 Chay F. Hofileña, Jozon A. Lorenzana, Estelle Marie M. Ladrido Tabloid Coverage of a National Election 2007
MRA19 Edsel L. Beja Never Again to a Crisis: The Costs of the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis 2007
MRA18 Philip Arnold P. Tuaño The Effects of Recent Trade and Investment Liberalization Policies on Household Welfare in the Philippines: A CGE-Microsimulation Analysis 2007
MRA17 Leslie A. Lopez The Ethos of the Present Day Philippine Military 2006
MRA16 Ma. Regina M. Hechanova-Alampay Pinoy by Day, Kano by Night: Exploring the Impact of Global Outsourcing on the Cultural Identity and Wellbeing of Filipino Call Center Workers 2006
MRA15 Czarina Saloma-Akpedonu Architectural Heritage and Everyday Lifeworlds: Potentials for Heritage Conservation 2006
MRA14 Study of Filipino Families 2005
MRA13 Joseph Sedfrey S. Santiago Overseas Filipino Workers as Entrepreneurs: Performance Benchmarks and Policy Implications 2005
MRA12 Matthew Constancio M. Santamaria Research on the Pangalay Dance Style 2005
MRA11 Diana J. Mendoza Gender Relations and State Dynamics 2005
MRA10 Angela Desiree M. Aguirre Payatas Mapping Study 2005
MRA09 After the Green Revolution: Rites and Rituals Associated with Rice and Rice Farming 2004
MRA08 A Study of Religious Beliefs and Worldviews 2004
MRA07 Fernando N. Zialcita More than a Thoroughfare: The Uses and Interpretations of a City Street 2004
MRA06 Jose Mario Francisco, SJ, Rene Javellana, SJ The Impact of Globalizing and Modernizing Forces on the Popular Religious Devotions of the Lowland Filipino 2004
MRA05 Political Culture 2004
MRA04 Agustin Martin Rodriguez, Liza Lim Bridging Lifeworlds, Mediating Development: The Role of Intermediary NGOs in Promoting Discourse 2004
MRA03 Jose Estuar Savings, Credit, Insurance, and Social Capital: Local Notions of Microfinance Based on Networks of Mutual Trust 2004
MRA02 Lou A. Antolihao The Fiesta as a Tourist Attraction: Tradition, Modernity, and Social Change in the Pahiyas Festival 2004
MRA01 Elizabeth U. Eviota Social Change, Gender and Sexual Politics: Philippine Articulation 2004


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