Institutional Research

Under the IPC Institutional Research Program, research staff of the Institute of Philippine Culture are able to embark on theoretically-grounded studies on research topics they deem of interest, such as: the "vote of the poor" (what poor voters look for in electoral candidates and the factors that influence their vote); the lives and times of Filipina Overseas Workers; social change initiatives that help bridge the poverty gap; armed conflict, natural disasters, urban development, and population displacements in the Philippines; knowledge needs, acquisition, and use among the Catholic Bishops of the Philippines; and Filipino families in urban informal settlements; among others.

Special Project No. Title of Project Project Director Partner Institutions(s) (if any) Year Completed
SP02 Philippines-Australia Studies Network Filomeno V. Aguilar, Jr. Vice President for Academic Affairs 2005
SP01 Symposium on SARS Dennis B. Batangan Philippine Council for Health Research and Development of the Department of Science and Technology, Plan International, Merck, Sharpe, and Dohme Philippines 2003


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