Vote of the Poor 2016: Bottom-up Perception of Electoral and Political Strategies

In 2004, the Institute of PHilippine Culture (IPC) published The Vote of the Poor: The Values and Pragmatics of Elections. Through FGDs, the study examined the values and criteria the poor use to assess candidates. This research project envisions itself as sequel to the 2004 research. The Vote of the Poor was a general inquiry into the logic of poor voters. To compliment the work, this research focuses on the sphere of electoral strategy and how the poor perceive the tactics of candidates. Much investigative journalism has focused on the various electoral tactics of politicians, from vote-buying, violent coercion, to the formation of alliance between national and local politicians. They also report the use of populist electioneering such as the giving away of cakes or free movie passes. How effective are these strategies in convincing the poor to vote for individual politicians? If they are effective, what do the poor think of them? Do they view them as necessary evils? Do they perceive them as detrimental to electoral democracy?

Special Project No.: 


Project Director: 

Filomeno V. Aguilar, Jr.
Lisandro Elias E. Claudio
Jayeel S. Cornelio
Jose Jowel P. Canuday

Year Completed: 

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