Lessons Learned on the Life Skills Plus Program - A Participatory Study

The research aims to address the following objectives:

1) To assess the outcomes of the Life Skills Plus Program;

2) To ascertain what the basics of successful CICL programs are, determine the factors that contributed to their success, and explore their replicability in other jurisdictions; assess where programs may have been less successful and why, and how these setbacks were dealt with;

3) To estimate the modeling impact of the program on other entities, like other NGOs, faith-based organizations, local and national government, carrying out CICL programs;

4) To contribute evidence relevant to the continuing MACR debate;and

5) To provide recommendations on strategies for the appropriate training of service providers tasked to handle CICL programs. 

Project Director: 

Skilty Labastilla

Project No.: 


Funding Agency: 

Consuelo Zobel Alger Foundation

Year Completed: 

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