Institutional Strengthening of the Philippine Institute for Alternative Health Care (PITAHC) as a DOH Research Arm for Traditional and Alternative Medicine

The project's general objective is to assess and strengthen PITAHC’s capacity to manage and sustain its role as a research institute.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. to assess the current capabilities and training needs of PITAHC (Philippine Institute for Alternative Health Care) to manage a research institution and to engage in scientific researches in the field of traditional and alternative medicine;
  2. to formulate strategic plan and capacity building program that will strengthen the PITAHC leaders' skills to manage and sustain its research institution;
  3. to design a training program to enhance the personnel's skills to undertake scientific studies; and
  4. to develop a five-year National Health Research Plan for traditional and alternative medicine for PITAHC.

Project Director: 

Dennis B. Batangan

Project No.: 


Funding Agency: 

Philippine Council for Health Research and Development

Year Completed: 

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