Online Discussion on "Health Systems and Service Delivery in the Philippines"


Health Systems and Service Delivery in the Philippines: 
Possibilities for a Seamless Regional Health Governance Framework
Tuesday, 12 March 2019
8:30 a.m. to 12 nooon
Global Classroom/CTC 101
PLDT Convergent Technologies Center
Ateneo de Manila University
RSVP: (limited slots)
The online discussion will focus on health information systems (HIS) and eHealth policies and programs among the ASEAN member states (AMS). The event aims to explore how the said health information systems and eHealth policies can benefit from a better articulated ASEAN Health Governance Framework. It will serve as one of the pre-anniversary events of the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD), supporting the objectives that are vital to the ongoing HATID ASEAN Project (“Assessing eHealth Technologies Contribution to Health Governance and Program Management in the Philippines”), which is currently being implemented by the Institute of Philippine Culture.
For other concerns or clarifications, please feel free to contact Ms Jesse Claudio or Ms Haraya Mendoza at <> and <>, respectively, or via phone at (02) 426-6067 ext. 210 or 215. 


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