IPC eHealth Research Teams Present in 2019 SOSS Research Conference


April 8, 2019


Last April 4, 2019, the eHealth project teams of the Institute of Philippine Culture (IPC) presented initial research findings at the second School of Social Sciences (SOSS) Research Conference of the Ateneo de Manila University. The IPC researchers participated in the “eHealth Policies and Governance Landscape” and “eHealth/eLearning Infrastructure” panels, both held at Faber Hall, Ateneo de Manila University.

The IPC research teams’ presentations delved into the following topics: 1) the value of health data generated by applications like eHealth TABLET for Informed Decision-Making of Local Government Units (eHATID LGU); 2) electronic medical records (EMR) systems implementation in the Philippines; 3) health data innovations for a Southeast Asia-wide Regional eHealth Governance Framework; 4) utilization of online communities for eHealth; 5) development and implementation of online resources to train rural health workers; and 6) the integration of health information system technologies with school-based nutrition and feeding program data-recording processes.

The IPC research panels comprised the following project teams: eHATID LGU; Health Technologies for Informed Decision-Making in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (HATID ASEAN); eHealth Training on Unified Resources Online (eTURO); and the eHATID project on Transitioning through the Technology Transfer Process (TECHNICOM).