Call for Nominations for the IPC Award for Best Global Research About the Philippines


March 1, 2018


The Institute of Philippine Culture (IPC) is pleased to announce that it is accepting nominations for the IPC Award for Best Global Research About the Philippines. Nominations can be submitted from 1 March 2018 to 1 May 2018, and the nomination forms can be accessed through this link.

The award recognizes path-breaking work in Philippine studies that has a clear and urgent message about the changing conditions defining Philippine society and culture as cited in the context of an also vastly changed regional and world landscape. The winning work should provide new theoretical direction to further understand these conditions as its contribution to the growth of Philippine Studies.

The Awardee will receive:

  • Airfare and Accommodations to the Philippines for the Awarding Ceremony;
  • Commissioned trophy; and
  • Featured public lecture during the Awarding Ceremony.

Criteria for Selection:

  1. The researcher should be generating path-breaking conceptualizations and understandings of critical themes in Philippine studies. In formulating promising new avenues for research, the awardee should be pursuing new theoretical directions and ways of thinking that are bringing about changes in traditional systems of knowledge production.
  2. The researcher should demonstrate a preference for creating dynamic, collaborative and participatory spaces of knowledge production that value and, where appropriate methodologically, include the active involvement of those whose lives are being studied through the research.
  3. The researcher’s frameworks should incorporate a strong social justice outlook.
  4. The researcher’s published work is commendable not only in its significant impact in academic circles but also in the number and range of publics it reaches and influences.
  5. The researcher’s published work could take any of the following formats: book/monograph, academic journal, or published technical report. The knowledge produced should be capable also of being transformed into videos, blogs, films, komiks, brochures, and other popular forms.
  6. Publication date should between 2008 until 2018. It must have been cited by two or more of the following: academic journals, civil society organizations, government agencies, and communities. It should be used in syllabi or included in recommended reading lists. Evaluations and recommendations of the work and other means of proof of the works impact may be submitted.
  7. The researcher should be primarily an academic, preferably mid-level in his or her career,who would benefit significantly from the recognition given by IPC, the School of Social Sciences and the Ateneo de Manila University.
  8. A completed nomination form with signature of nominator must also be submitted.

Deliberations will be held on the first week of May 2018.

The awardee will be notified a month before the awarding ceremony in June 2018.