IPC now accepting applications for its Research Internship Program and Postdoctoral Research Fellowship


October 25, 2017


Last September 19, 2017, the Institute of Philippine Culture (IPC) not only marked the celebration of its 57th anniversary, but also announced the launching of its three new contributing programs to the Ateneo de Manila University-wide project funded by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

The grant, called the “Ateneo de Manila University as Global Hub for Research on Philippine Studies,” aims to enhance the status of Ateneo de Manila University as both a national and international hub for social science and humanities research on the Philippines. In line with this initiative are IPC’s three new programs, namely: the IPC Research Internship Program for Local Students, the IPC Postdoctoral Fellowship Research Award, and the IPC Award for Best Global Research About the Philippines.

Through the IPC Research Internship Program, selected local university students will be given the opportunity to experience two months of research work under the supervision of an IPC Research Associate.This interface can give them a chance to contribute to the IPC’s output and gain valuable field and writing experience toward a career in research, social development and cultural heritage preservation.

For doctorate degree holders based outside the Philippines whose dissertation or research interest lies in Philippine Studies, the IPC offers the Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Award, a six-to-eight month research subsidthat includes funds for transportation, accommodation, and allowance.

Lastly, the IPC Global Award for Research will be awarded to an author of a pathbreaking work with a clear and urgent message about the changing conditions defining Philippine society and culture, providing new theoretical direction in the understanding of such conditions.   

Applications details and forms for the the Research Internship and Postdoctoral Research Fellowship are attached. Nomination forms and further details on the IPC Global Award will be released by the end of the year. Completed application forms can be sent via email to ipc.soss@ateneo.edu