38th UGAT Conference: Circulating Anthropological Knowledge in the Public Sphere


October 20, 2016



Anthropologists are uniquely positioned to generate new understandings of society and culture, whether at the micro or macro-level. Such knowledge can be brought to bear on many contemporary problems afflicting our world today. They could also lead to more realistic policies. The conference aims to discuss how anthropological/ethnographic knowledge is, or is not, accessed as possible references for policies and programs by both the government and the private sector. It asks, what insights can be shared from various projects involving practitioners of anthropology? Saan tayo nagkulang?

It is time for us to reflect on how our discipline connects with various audiences within industry and the state. Have we been participating in the formation of key policies and discourses? How have we been listening to the concerns of our potential audiences, fmding ways to dialogue with them, building relationships and communicating the fruits of our research?

The conference specifically addresses the following concerns:

1. How policies and practices are formulated within industry (especially business and media), and selected domains in the Philippine state (the municipal, the presidential, the congressional, the judicial)

2. How these processes intersect with the key concerns of the various communities or audiences anthropologists wish to reach

3. The relationships and practices that contribute to the success or failures in the integration of anthropological knowledge into official policy and into industry

4. The perceptions of anthropology from the standpoint of practical industries

This year’s conference will feature presentations that may shed light on the nature of the interactions between anthropologists, on the one hand, and industry and the state on the other.


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The registration fee includes the kit and food during the conference.

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