PODCAST: Dr Filomeno Aguilar Jr on the vote of the poor (Rappler.com)


May 4, 2016


This article was originally published in the online publication Rappler.com last 3 May 2016 <http://www.rappler.com/newsbreak/rich-media/131649-podcast-poor-vote-buying-2016-philippine-elections>. The podcast can be found at <https://soundcloud.com/rappler/3-inside-track-with-jun-aguilar>. 

PODCAST: Dr Filomeno Aguilar Jr on the vote of the poor
published by Rappler.com

MANILA, Philippines – The poor comprise a majority of Filipino voters, thus it’s important to know how they perceive elections and assess candidates.

In this interview, Dr Filomeno Aguilar Jr, professor at the Ateneo de Manila University and former dean of the school of social sciences, talks about initial findings of a landmark study on the vote of the poor. (READ: Vote selling among the poor a ‘logical’ decision – think tank)

Aguilar tells Marites Vitug, editor at large of Rappler, that the poor have nuanced views on vote-buying and grapple with moral reasons when they accept money from candidates.

The respondents of their study view vote-buying in 5 ways: as blessing, as something that is rightfully theirs, as an economic transaction, as easy money, and as “dead money” or something that has dark sources.

“Bobotante,” after all, may be a term that cuts through economic classes.

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