IPC Announces Fellows of IPC International Summer School for Doctoral Researchers on the Philippines


May 26, 2013


The Institute of Philippine Culture of the School of Social Sciences, Ateneo de Manila University is  hosting an annual international summer school aimed  to pool together the most promising young researchers on the Philippines. Organized by Dr. Lisandro Claudio and Dr. Czarina Saloma-Akpedonu, the summer school will be held on  2-5 June 2013 in Ateneo de Manila University with the theme,  “Historical and ethnographic approaches to Philippine culture.” 

IPC is pleased to announce this year’s Summer School Fellows:

1. Christianne France Collantes (University of London)
2. Adrianne Marie Francisco (University of California Berkeley) 
3. Maureen Cristin Justiniano (University of Wisconsin-Madison) 
4. Joshua Kueh (Georgetown University)
5. Skilty Labastilla (La Trobe University)
6. Leslie Lopez (University of the Philippines-Diliman)
7. Scott McLoughlin (University of Michigan)      
8. Michael Pante (University of the Philippines-Diliman)
9. Norielyn Romano (University of Toronto)
10.  Mark Sanchez (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
11. Monica Santos  (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

The four-day summer school  will include presentations by doctoral researchers of their own work and subsequent discussion by the group of participants. Two leading scholars in Philippine studies, Dr. Resil Mojares and Dr. Filomeno Aguilar, Jr,  will moderate the discussion groups, lecture on their own research, and provide feedback on the work of the participants. 

Congratulations to this year’s Fellows!