Externally-Funded Research

The IPC conducts research on critical development concerns, responding to the knowledge and field-level needs of various development actors such as national government agencies, local government units, nongovernment organizations, and international agencies. Since 1960, the IPC has conducted over three hundred contracted studies on a variety of research topics on Philippine cultures and societies, disadvantaged groups in the country, and other development concerns. Some topics of past and current externally-funded IPC research projects include: agriculture, agrarian reform and rural development, irrigation, forest management, watershed management, fisheries management, family planning, urban poverty and urban informal settlements, slum upgrading and low-cost social housing, community health, cultural heritage, indigenous peoples and Bangsamoro people, women and gender, and children and youth, among others. The IPC has also been at the forefront of pioneering and developing research methodologies such as survey research, process documentation research, child-friendly research, feminist research, qualitative life story interviewing, participatory poverty assessments which foreground the "voices of the poor," research with indigenous peoples, and electronic tablet-based data collection, among others.

Project No. Title of Project Project Director Funding Agency Year Completed
228 Research, Training, Materials Dissemination and Staff Development Related to Upland Development in the Philippines Sylvia G. Jopillo The Ford Foundation 1996
227 Women in Philippine Agriculture Jeanne Frances I. Illo Italian Association for Women in Development 1994
226 Continued Support for the DENR's Upland Development Program: Limited Expansion Stage Sylvia G. Jopillo Department of Environment and Natural Resources 1994
225b Participatory Initiative for Local Development Planning Sylvia G. Jopillo Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex 1996
225a Rapid Field Scanning for Governance and Local Democracy Sylvia G. Jopillo Philippine Partnership for the Development of Human Resources in Rural Areas 1996
225 The Local Government Code in the Philippines Romana P. de los Reyes The Ford Foundation 1995
224 Assessing the Development Assistance of PDAP to Philippine Communities Jeanne Frances I. Illo Philippine Development Assistance Program 1994
223 Process Documentation Research on Selected Interventions of the Antique Integrated Area Development Project Sylvia G. Jopillo ANIAD Foundation 1994
222 Support for a Research Project on Gender and Sexuality in the Philippines Jeanne Frances I. Illo The Ford Foundation 1994
221 Developing a Coastal Resource Management Research Program Emma Porio International Development Research Center 1992
220 IPC Participation in Natural Resource Management Programs Sylvia G. Jopillo The Ford Foundation 1994
219 Waging Agrarian Reform: NGO Initiative for a Tripartite Program Romana P. de los Reyes, Sylvia Ma. G. Jopillo The Ford Foundation 1993
218 Gender and Structural Adjustment: A Preliminary Inquiry Jeanne Frances I. Illo Philippine Institute for Development Studies 1992
217 Process Monitoring Research and Related Activities for the Partnership for Community Health Development Cynthia C. Veneracion Department of Health 1994
216 Developing a Social Forestry Program: The Bulolakaw Experience Sylvia G. Jopillo DENR 1994
215 Assisting CIDA's WID Efforts in 1991 Jeanne Frances I. Illo CIDA 1992
214 Continuing IPC Participation in the DENR’s Upland Development Program Sylvia G. Jopillo The Ford Foundation 1992
213 Members but Not Leaders: Finding a Niche for Women in Cooperatives Jeanne Frances I. Illo, Cecile C. Uy National Confederation of Cooperatives 1992
212 Process-Oriented Research and Training for Community Health Development Cynthia C. Veneracion Department of Health 1991
211 Support for Research and Training on the Implementation of Agrarian Reform in the Philippines Romana P. de los Reyes The Ford Foundation 1991
210 A Study of Field-Level Strategies in Managing Endemic Tropical Diseases Cynthia C. Veneracion World Health Organization 1990
209 Becoming and Being a Streetchild: Survival, Strategies, Contexts, and Interventions Emma Porio UNICEF 1990
208 Developing and Implementing a Briefing and Training Program Jeanne Frances I. Illo Canadian International Development Agency 1990
207 Process Monitoring and Training Activities in the Limited Expansion Stage of the Upland Development Project Salve B. Borlagdan Forest Management Bureau, Department of Environment and Natural Resources 1990
206 Support for the Limited Expansion Stage of the FMB-DENR (Forest Management Bureau, Department of Environment and Natural Resources) Salve B. Borlagdan The Ford Foundation 1991


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