Externally-Funded Research

The IPC conducts research on critical development concerns, responding to the knowledge and field-level needs of various development actors such as national government agencies, local government units, nongovernment organizations, and international agencies. Since 1960, the IPC has conducted over three hundred contracted studies on a variety of research topics on Philippine cultures and societies, disadvantaged groups in the country, and other development concerns. Some topics of past and current externally-funded IPC research projects include: agriculture, agrarian reform and rural development, irrigation, forest management, watershed management, fisheries management, family planning, urban poverty and urban informal settlements, slum upgrading and low-cost social housing, community health, cultural heritage, indigenous peoples and Bangsamoro people, women and gender, and children and youth, among others. The IPC has also been at the forefront of pioneering and developing research methodologies such as survey research, process documentation research, child-friendly research, feminist research, qualitative life story interviewing, participatory poverty assessments which foreground the "voices of the poor," research with indigenous peoples, and electronic tablet-based data collection, among others.

Project No. Title of Project Project Director Funding Agency Year Completed
037 Production of a Modern Bikol Grammar Alan Stevens 1967
036 Ateneo Southern Tagalog Politics Study Carl Lande University of Kansas 1965
035 Study of Aspiration Levels of Filipinos in Various Kinds of Settlements George Guthrie Office of Naval Research 1966
034 Tondo Community Study Mary R. Hollnsteiner Procter and Gamble, PMC 1966
033 Folk Music in a Resettlement Area of Bukidnon Loretta S. Garcia The Asia Foundation 1965
032 Evaluation of the United States Peace Corps Operations in the Philippines, 1961-1964 Frank Lynch, S.J., T. Maretzki, S. Bennett, L. Nelson-Murai The Asia Foundation, University of Hawaii East West Center 1964
031 Malate Family and Kinship Survey Nena Eslao-Benton AID, The Asia Foundation 1966
030 Production of Handbooks on the Philippines Frank Lynch, S.J., R. Stone, M. Hollnsteiner, T. Llamzon, A. de Guzman II Ateneo de Manila University 1969
028 Photographic Study of Sulu Life Abdulmari Imao CISC 1964
027 Values and Value Orientations of Filipino Students John Doherty, SJ Ateneo de Manila University 1963
026 Politics and Elections in Jolo, Sulu Robert Youngblood Hawaii East-West Center, Ateneo de Manila University 1964
025 Study of the Musical Traditions of Sulu Ricardo Trimillos Hawaii East-West Center, Ateneo de Manila University 1964
024 Intergroup Relations among the Ethnic Groups of the Sulu Archipelago Richard Stone Hawaii East-West Center, Ateneo de Manila University 1964
023 Social Organization of a Badjaw of Sulu Harry Nimmo Hawaii East-West Center, Ateneo de Manila University 1964
022 Ethnic Identity and Community Integration in Two Resettlement Areas Audrey Greenberg Hawaii East-West Center, Ateneo de Manila University 1964
021 Religious Attitudes of the Badjaw of Sitankai, Sulu Richard Nicholson Notre Dame of Jolo 1963
020 Selected Folk Songs of Sulu Loreta S. Garcia Notre Dame of Jolo 1963
019 Woodcarving in Sulu Julian Dacanay, Jr. Notre Dame of Jolo 1963
018 Folk Medicine and Curers among the Samal of Sisangat, Siasi, Sulu Dolores Docommun Notre Dame of Jolo 1963
017 Trends Report on Studies in Social Stratification and Social Mobility in the Philippines Frank Lynch, S.J. UNESCO 1963
016 Study of Changing Patterns of Social Structure in the Philippines: 1896, 1963 John Carroll, S.J. UNESCO, Ateneo de Manila University, The Asia Foundation 1963
015 Tondo Family and Kinship Survey Asuncion Marquez-van Arendonk Ateneo de Manila University 1962
014 Production of Uniform Subject Indices for the 100 Most Important General Published Sources on Manila and the Philippines Helen Tubangui Ateneo de Manila University 1964
013 Sisangat: Samal Fishing Village of Siasi, Sulu Dolores Docommun Notre Dame of Jolo 1962
012 Intergroup Relations among the Taosug, Samal and Badjaw of Sulu Richard Stone Notre Dame of Jolo 1962


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