Externally-Funded Research

The IPC conducts research on critical development concerns, responding to the knowledge and field-level needs of various development actors such as national government agencies, local government units, nongovernment organizations, and international agencies. Since 1960, the IPC has conducted over three hundred contracted studies on a variety of research topics on Philippine cultures and societies, disadvantaged groups in the country, and other development concerns. Some topics of past and current externally-funded IPC research projects include: agriculture, agrarian reform and rural development, irrigation, forest management, watershed management, fisheries management, family planning, urban poverty and urban informal settlements, slum upgrading and low-cost social housing, community health, cultural heritage, indigenous peoples and Bangsamoro people, women and gender, and children and youth, among others. The IPC has also been at the forefront of pioneering and developing research methodologies such as survey research, process documentation research, child-friendly research, feminist research, qualitative life story interviewing, participatory poverty assessments which foreground the "voices of the poor," research with indigenous peoples, and electronic tablet-based data collection, among others.

Project No. Title of Project Project Director Funding Agency Year Completed
062 Production of a Basic Anthropology Bibliography for Philippine Colleges and Universities Frank Lynch, S.J. Philippine Social Science Council 1969
061 Restudy of Selected Respondents of the BRAC 1967 Family Survey Perla Q. Makil POMCH 1970
060 Survey and Evaluation of Family Planning Promotion in Tondo Wilfredo Arce, Aurora Silayan-Go 1972
059 Socioeconomic Survey of the Sugar Industry of Negros Occidental Frank Lynch, S.J., Romana P. de los Reyes, Manuel Regalado, S.J. National Federation of Sugarcane Planters 1970
058 Graduate Student Cost of Living Frank Lynch, S.J., Romana P. de los Reyes 1969
057 Philippine Schools and Influentials Perla Q. Makil US Information Service 1971
056 Masculinity-Femininity Differences Todd Fay APS/BRP 1969
055 Conditions of Creativity among Filipino Grade School Children Susan Moore-Bennett APS/BRP - US Office of Naval Research, The Asia Foundation, HEWC, Ateneo de Manila University 1973
054 Study of the Aiding Response Lee Sechrest 1969
053 Filipino Corporation Manager Study Alfred B. Bennett, Jr. Office of Naval Research 1968
052 Study of School-Connected Voluntary Organizations Aurora Silayan-Go Philippine National Red Cross 1968
051 1967 Lowland Philippine Christian Family Survey Frank Lynch, S.J., Perla Q. Makil BRAC 1967
050 Student Attitudes and Reference Groups Study Patricia B. Licuanan APS/BRP, The Asia Foundation 1968
049 Palawan Resettlement Project Carlos A. Fernandez II The Ford Foundation 1972
048 Bibliography of Philippine Ethnography Shiro Saito The Asia Foundation 1968
047 Changes in Group Structures and Decision-Making Paul Hare, Jr., Dean Peabody, William Burton, R. Hare Office of Naval Research 1968
046 Urbanization and Changes in Values and Motives George Guthrie, Helen Guthrie 1968
045 Family Planning Attitudes
044 Scope of the Brain Drain: Preliminary Investigation of the Seriousness of the Out-migration of Highly Educated Filipinos The Asia Foundation 1968
043 Communication Effectiveness Study James McKendry, Salvador A. Parco HRB-Singer, Inc. 1967
042 Study of an Aspect of Philippine Politics David Kaeuper Hawaii East-West Center 1966
041 Study of Ways of Inquiring about Family Planning Attitudes Marya K. Pettit AID 1966
040 Study of an Iloilo Town in Transition David Szanton 1967
039 Study of Folk and Official Concepts of Ownership Richard Stone 1968
038 Study of Filipino Cognitive Mapping Frank Lynch, S.J., Ronald Himes, Meliton Juanico 1969


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