Reforming Technical Cooperation: The Philippine Experience

The present volume analyzes the norms, structures, practices, and processes of technical cooperation in the Philippines, in the light of the reforms introduced by the Development Assistance Committee of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in the mid-1990s. It explores how the development aid and technical cooperation agenda of bilateral and multilateral aid agencies have strived to respond to the recurrent issues of poverty and social and economic inequities, slow growth, and corruption in government through programs and projects not only of the national government but also of non-government organizations and local governments. It shows how in many funding agencies, governance is a recurrent theme. It investigates how technical cooperation, as it has been done in the Philippines and in two particular areas (public sector reform and agriculture), has supported or undermined the capacity development goals of technical cooperation.


Jeanne Frances I. Illo
Sylvia B. Engracia
Leland Joseph R. de la Cruz
Maria Concepcion L. Chan
Mary Racelis

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IPC Monographs

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