Moving in and Out of Poverty: Understanding & Social Mobility from the Perspectives of the Still-Poor, Now-Poor, Once-Poor, and Never-Poor of BASECO, Manila, and Payatas, Quezon City

This study explored the concept of mobility among Metro Manila urban poor. In particular, it sought to understand why and how some households in BASECO, Manila and Payatas, Quezon City have, in their view, “stayed out of poverty,” “moved out of poverty,” “fallen into poverty,” or “remained poor” since 2002.  Using quantitative and qualitative data collected at two points in time (2002 and 2008), it looked into the dynamics of upward mobility and poverty from the men and women whose households, they say, were “never poor," or “once poor but have moved out of poverty," or “have remained poor," or “have become poor."

Name of Awardee: 

Marita Concepcion Castro Guevara

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