Capital Fund Depletion Grant for Revitalizing the IPC

This exit grant from The Ford Foundation supported research, publication, and training activities for the IPC's revitalization as it faced the challenges of the 21st century.

A major grant under the project was the Merit Research Award, which offered grants to faculty and staff members of the Ateneo de Manila University. Seeking to advance theoretically grounded social science research, the MRA underscored the following research priority areas:

  1. social justice, poverty, and well-being;
  2. civil society, social change, cultural- and spiritual-based values;
  3. asset building and social capital formation in community-based health, education, shelter, and natural resource management;
  4. cultures of work, conflict, and peace; and
  5. impact of globalization people's everyday lives.

The grant also enabled IPC to support in-house studies and special research and related activities.

Project No.: 


Funding Agency: 

The Ford Foundation

Year Completed: 

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